ANATOMY Q 1. The commonest variation in the arteries arising from the arch of aorta is: A. Absence of brachiocephalic trunk. B. Left vertebral artery arising from the arch. C. Left common carotid artery arising from brachiocephalic trunk. D. Presence of retroesophageal subclavian artery. Ans. C Q 2. The blood vessel related to the paraduodenal [...]

Heart failure

Overview Heart failure, sometimes known as congestive heart failure, occurs when your heart muscle doesn't pump blood as well as it should. Certain conditions, such as narrowed arteries in your heart (coronary artery disease) or high blood pressure, gradually leave your heart too weak or stiff to fill and pump efficiently. Not all conditions that [...]

Que-ans for PG

Not a non contraceptive use of use of levonorgestrol A. Endometriosis B. Premenstrual tenison✅ C. Complex endometrial hyperplasia D. Emergency contraception All of these can be used for post coital contraception except A. Desogestrol✅ B. Copper t C. Levonorgestrol D. OCP During Pomeroy’s method of female sterilization, which portion of the tube is ligated? (UPSC [...]


Stem cells are the primary cells capable of self-renewal and differentiating into specialized cells. Hemopoietic stem cells are the primitive cells in the bone marrow, which give rise to the blood cells. Hemopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow are called uncommitted pluripotent hemopoietic stem cells (PHSC). PHSC is defined as a cell that can [...]